Saturday, 2 December 2017


Life is full of diversions, accompanied by an invitation to explore them. So! Why not accept and see what’s on offer.
As children we like things to be the same,  toys, books and the same television programmes, over and over and over again.
Repetition is the safety platform of children and the civil servant. It is the tool of those learning new skills.
Diversions present themselves unexpectantly, as options for the brave and those who are not afraid to experiment and explore.
Unfortunately, as adults we develop fears that control our lives ensuring we accept the safe option.
Football players, swimmers, runners, writers, actors, singers as well as dancers ETC will practice the same techniques over and over again, until they become second nature, but they will still be ordinary.
The difference between good and great is between those who explore one or more diversions, as many as possible.
Exploring diversions doesn’t guarantee greatness but it offers the opportunity, possibilities beyond the norm.
When I talk about greatness, I don’t mean fame and fortune. No! fame and fortune can be achieved by those who fulfil a need of the world media and can be tossed aside as soon as someone fulfils that need cheaper or more grossly.
While greatness can be achieved by taking these diversions and being open to new experiences, it may not be recognised until after death.
It can be the fate of the great that their creativity and brilliance will be ignored by those less willing to explore.  In fact by those travelling through their own diversions and blinded by the possibilities and their own shortcomings.
Change is often slow, real lasting change that is, and often the key to this is so well hidden behind the dearth of sameness, safeness and copying, that finding it is often mistaken for creativity and excellence. The key only opens the door, allowing you to enter into possibilities, the beginning of the road.
In fact there is no such thing as excellence, just stepping stones to more questions. A mean’s of creating different experiences and answers to the unanswerable.
Of course as soon as the unanswerable is answered, new questions present themselves, looking for answers.
This is why answers are important, because they are the chests or goldmines that hold the future of mankind.
There will always be questions, answers and more questions as well as discoveries that provide the answers and encourage more searches for those who dare, digging deeper without receiving acknowledgement.

The poet never writes the perfect poem, the painter never paints the perfect picture, the runner never runs the perfect race, but they all have one thing in common. A curiosity that pushes them along the road that is a ‘Diversion’.

JC-Dublin-A city crammed with diversion

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