Saturday, 3 June 2017

Does 'Fiction’ exist?

Fiction has a value in a world where news is neither true or false. Events in soaps on tele are reported as news, why?
Often authors will write true stories, change the names to avoid court appearances and publish as fiction.
Does fiction really exist? After all it’s the by-product of ideas fermented in the minds of humans, however erratic, based on factual experience and lives often lived to the limit.
You can fantasize until the cows come home but all your fantasies are based on real experience, whether lived, read or seen on the screen.
I’ve often heard it said that ‘there are no boundaries to what the mind can do’ or conjure up. This hypothesise is untrue, even if we can come up with new ideas or thoughts every minute of every day, for the rest of our lives.  Ideas, thoughts, creativity, inventiveness are all limited by our experience or influences of those we come in contact with. 
This is not to say we are ‘limited’ in what we can achieve during our lifetime, though how long we live will of course do this. There are so many corridors in the mind, all full of our adventures, explorations, dreams and ambitions, that our creativity is limited only by our life experiences and what we place in these corridors.
This multiplied by the various permutations within, leave us with enough fertile imagination for a life of creativity, if we use it and regularly.
Fiction is really life dressed up, allowing us to lose ourselves in worlds where we wouldn’t normally enter by choice or order.
There is nothing more bizarre than reality, nothing more unbelievable. Reality was once: ‘the earth is flat’,- ‘Man can’t fly’- ‘We couldn’t live beyond a hundred’- ‘go to the bottom of the sea’- ‘Land on the moon’. All these ‘couldn’ts’ are now ‘Fiction’, cast into the bargain basement of ‘The impossible’.
Of recent times we couldn’t see Trump in the ‘white house’ -‘A woman president (We’ve had two in Ireland)’- A gay Taoiseach’ and peace in Northern Ireland. All ‘Couldn’ts’ now seen as unthinkable.

Fiction and reality are interchangeable, connected in a way that makes life colourful and challenging, with lots of room for questions, sometimes without answers, though not always, at the moment anyway.

JC-DUBLIN A City that believes 'Fiction is Fact'

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