Saturday, 15 August 2015

The possibilities from 'Unusual Combinations'

Take a chance and if you succeed you’ll be happy, if you fail you’ll be wiser.

From time beginning innovators have taken chances and mixed unusual combinations creating successes on top of lots of failures. It is not the results that matter but the mind that is open to taking a chance and looking at failure as a step towards success.
Motor cars are a mix of unusual material with horse for power, rubber for tyres, metal for body, plastic for innards and hide from animals for seating. Add sand to make glass and you have a wide variety of unusual combinations that leave us with a vehicle that t travels at speeds that couldn’t have been perceived a century ago. It may be normal combination today but before its invention these weren’t normal combinations, some unknown.
If someone told you they were going to mix sand, rubber, metal, horse, animal hide, plastic with some paint and this could travel at speeds over 100 kilometres an hour they would be locked up and yet!.
Just think of cakes and the various ingredients that go to making these coronary challenges.  Somebody must have experimented with sugar, milk, butter, margarine, flour, soda powder, eggs, currents and come up with the thousands of different treats.
Who would have thought that putting a piece of spring metal on the legs of paraplegics would enable them to travel at speeds challenging some of the fastest athletes in the world?
The earth which we know is round and was at one time perceived to be flat but we know from space travel that the earth is round as is a lot of the planets including the sun and moon.
Most writers know that if you want to write an interesting story you will pick the most unlikely combination of characters to populate it. Then you will create unusual situations of conflict so as they can interact.
Of course taking a chance doesn’t guarantee success or the desired outcomes. But this is not important.
Advances in society are dependent on minds that take chances and advances come from the most unexpected places with the most obvious outcomes. How often have we said “I could have done that” but could we, only if we took the chances.
Not all of us taking chances will achieve our desired outcomes but if enough of us try some will succeed and life moves on.

 JC-Dublin-A city defined by it's ability to 'TAKE CHANCES'