Saturday, 4 July 2015

The probability of 'DREAMS'

Life, society,people and the way we live are different now to times past. As we move through the age's, we learn to adapt and change, as we will in the future.
In the fifties, Polio was incurable and Scarlet fever  a killer, now we hardly hear of them except in poorer regions.
Things were different then, as they are now and will continue so.
Icarus tried flying with wings made of wax and as we all know the sun melted them. At present, while i'm writing this a plane, sun powered,  'Solar impulse 2',  has landed in Hawaii to great excitement. This will continue, later on another stage of thirteen, in a round the world trip. In the past, when Icarus was alive, this would have been scary, in the future this or something similar will be the norm. The impossible becoming possible, the dream becoming a reality.
Beware of what people, particularly those with knowledge, say is impossible, as all dreams have the capacity to become reality.
Three months journey to Van Dieman's land in Captain Cooks time can now be achieved in twenty hours and possibly less in the future.
Our famine victims crossed the Atlantic to America in ten weeks, this can now be done in eight hours, an impossible dream becoming a reality.
In the future it will be difficult to die as every physical part of the body will be replace as happens with cars at the moment. At present you can have your heart replaced, new valves fitted, legs replaced, hips, knees, a new nose built and kidneys replaced.
It is only sixty years since the first heart transplant by Christiaan Bernard on the 3rd of December 1967 in Cape Town South Africa. Before this he had performed the second successful Kidney transplant in Africa the same year. This was an impossibility until he achieved it and look at what has happened in medicine during this short time-frame, many dreams turned into reality.
Cancer once incurable can now be delayed or cured if caught in time. I have no doubt that there will eventually be a cure for this aggressive fatal condition.
If man can dream it, man can build or resolve it but he must believe to dream.
Life is full of opportunities, they lie in un-suspecting places, hidden, to be found by dreamers.
Dreamers are more important than science, poetry, engineering, implementation of which are the outcomes of someone's dreams.
Lets awake tomorrow with a dream, let it grow, evolve into a solution to a challenge.
Only the brave can do this, are you one of us?

JC-Dublin-A City defined by 'It's Dreamers and Doers'.