Thursday, 14 January 2016

My Stories: Ripple effect

My Stories: 
Ripple effect:
Ripples in the water on a calm day ask me a question, needing an answer. I’m talking about, well writing about, ripples created in the water by ducks, swans, sea-gull and people who should be going to Specsaver (*). These ripples can and do start out as small ripples, no bigger than the duck, creeping out towards the bank, creating a wide significant ripple.
This disturbance of water, travels and in a sense, infects the water all around it, upsetting the calm inherent in its nature.
I presume that as the duck moves on, the water settles, finding its own level, returning to its calmness.
Is that the end of it or does this small impact on the river, have a lasting and or longer effect?
I have heard it proposed, that if every man woman and child, in china, jumped up and down for a given period, this would de-stabilise the world with the shock waves that would permeate the earth.
Authors note; On recollection, I never heard the women and children mentioned. That adds to the question, if they were included, would this increase the effect or is there a point where shock waves are limited, I presume not?
Further authors note;  The amount of Chinese, men women and children, in all the countries of the world, mass immigration and mass emigration, is this a precautionary measure in case they all start hopping up and down at the same time, giving balance to the shock waves, negating the effect.
Third Authors note;  It is hard, to sit at the computer, thinking of ripples, without thinking of Ice cream ripple, if anyone has a spare ice cream ripple, I’d be glad of it? End of mouth-watering, authors note.
Take the Chinese analogy, if all the ducks, swans etc, around the world, started to create ripples in all the waters of the world. At the same time, civilised and otherwise, would it have the same disastrous effect?
Come to think of it, ducks, just like Chinese, men women and children, are spread very evenly around the world, across all continents, creating stability, Whoo! (At this point author wiped sweat from forehead) What a relief.

*Specsavers are a brand of opticians that use a ripple effect in a television add.

JC-DUBLIN-A city defined by ripples