Thursday, 26 March 2015

Watery World

Reeds along the water bank hide a myriad of secrets known only to the fish and other inhabitants of the water and its surrounds. They present a magical enclosure where the dark forces of life reside.
Fish with humps, ducks with walking sticks, swans in wheelchairs amongst other unsightly and unpleasant residents.
Humans are advised to stay away or suffer the consequences. What these consequences are I am not sure.
I have spoken to an old fish on the night the reeds are tallest and he revealed some of the terrors that reside within.
He spoke about the dreaded Turret rat, so called because their teeth resemble the turret of a castle. How he or any other fish know what a castle looks like is beyond me but I didn't question him, decided to just listen.
I am sworn to secrecy about the location of this meet or the date on which it took place. The dark forces within the reeds are very secretive. He tells me 'Turret' is always on the lookout for victims of the human kind.
He reminded me of the many missing people around the world who after a night out, disappear without trace or explanation. This is the work of Turret and his accomplices within the reeds.
Their dark deeds are often disturbed when well minded councils or conservation groups cut the reeds back. They look on this as time out or rest time, knowing the reeds grow back quickly.
Turret will often recruit a long slithery pike to use as a whip around the ankles of unsteady humans. Particularly in the early hours of the morning. They will be pulled into the water and mashed into a slime by thousands of hammer head flies which is then used as a slush like drink for the reeds.
These hammerheads are very good at taking instructions from Turret and his cohorts in the dark army. They feel safe in the reeds because humans look to the water for menace.
Reeds can also talk to each other but refuse to converse with other life forms. They won’t even talk to Turret or any of the other residents of their enclosure. They see the human slush as part payment for the protection life form receives in their space.

JC-Dublin-A City defined by its Whispering Reeds