Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fairy tree

The tree was laden with soothers that one presumes was sucked by children over the previous few years. This is the ‘Fairy Soother Tree’ of Kilnamanagh* where local Fairies hang soothers celebrating, some voluntarily, giving them up as a sign of growth.
What the fairies do with these items is a mystery to most but I have seen them sitting within the rings while watching a GAA match being played on the nearby pitches. They have to be careful as birds have been known to snap a fairy up and carry them away to their nest.
Fairies are generally very quick at disappearing so it takes a very quick bird to grab one. Unfortunately if a fairy is stressed IE caught in a beak, they find it hard to disappear.
It is quite possible and believable that birds have some knowledge unknown to us humans, that stop fairies using their magic powers as they can’t disappear from a birds nest and find themselves sitting on an n egg for months with only maggots and bird saliva for food.
I know they use these soothers for exercise, swinging from one to another like monkeys use tree branches. It’s like a fairy gym and they can be used a s swings when it’s breezy.
Of course none of this happens when humans are about so they pick a tree in a quiet area where people are less likely to be.
Another benefit of a tree is humans tend to look down instead of up, so even if they are playing when humans are around they are unlikely to be noticed. Fairies can’t figure this out as there are far more interesting sights in life if you look up rather than down. Fairies won’t complain about this as it makes life easier for them. If only birds did the same. Well! They do but from a different perspective. They look down from above the tree if only they could also look up as well.
Recently a door appeared at the bottom of the tree?

PS; It is worth nothing that Henry 111 (Of England) signed a law decreeing the death penalty for anyone found killing, wounding or maiming fairies. There is nothing in print to suggest this applied to Leprechauns? 
* Kilnamanagh is a housing estate on the south side of Dublin city in the townland of 'Tallaght'.

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