Saturday, 21 February 2015

A bit of 'FUN'

‘I forgot to remember to forget’ is a phrase that comes to mind as I ponder a question posed in a local newspaper ‘Don’t forget to have fun’. Ironically I have forgotten what fun is?
I am having a flashback to Cyndi lauper’s 1984 hit song ‘Girls just wanna have fun’.
Is fun something you can remember to have, like remembering to pay bills or or collect someone from the airport?
Surely having fun is a consequence rather than an intentional act.
Could I possibly look at my watch, see its three o’clock “Oh! Time to have fun” and off I go?
I suppose it depends on what one does for fun, as I read recently in David Norris’s  Autobiography ‘A kick against the pricks’, about a family living close to him on North Great Georges Street in Dublin’s North City, who built a snow man and a snow seat on the street for all to enjoy. People were having good fun with this until three teenage girls came along and had fun knocking down the snowman. The act was fun for them (The girls) while the consequence of the act was hurt and anger for the couple who built it.
There was also the group of Chelsea football fans who had fun throwing a coloured man of the Metro in Paris. Hopefully the consequence of this act of fun will be jail time or at least a hefty fine.
Some will have fun running a marathon which can be hard work, painful and energy draining to say the least. Others enjoy playing rugby as the Irish team did against France last week. It wasn’t a fun game as it struggled to entertain but the outcome or consequence was fun for the Irish team and supporters who revelled in the win.
For me! I have fun challenging perceptions or taking on the impossible and making it possible.

I also have fun writing nonsense like this?

Dublin-A City defined by its sense of fun