Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Caca Milis

A night of carols in the National Concert Hall accentuates the process or form that leads to a pre-determined outcome.
We have the choir, Ruby the diva, Orchestra made up of all the constituent parts. There were brass, strings, drums, organ, as well as the leader and conductor.
This is a nice safe way to enjoy a traditional Christmas, safe from the cold emanating from at least six inches of snow (150 mm),
There is of course nothing wrong with this, twelve days of Christmas, some Strauss, Wagner, Handel’s Messiah, enjoyed by a less than full auditorium.
As I tend to need something more than this for my enjoyment, I wondered if there was some randomness placed amongst this very safely designed process for Christmas, what would be the outcome.                                                                                                                           Design, generally leads to pre-determined outcomes as is the case with this concert. My mind wonders what would be the outcome if somebody hit the drum in a few unintended places or the diva let out an untended roar or cry. We could hear the violins squeak a little or maybe insert some Beatles or better still, something original. What about some dance, Jedward style or Greek Tracian, maybe a Russian leg dance, what about all three, wouldn't that be interesting, along with the Zumba.
Often, a little randomness leads to the pre-determined outcome-plus, wouldn't that make a very interesting Christmas, for me at least.
Christmas Cake Ingredients Symphony
A scattering of strings
A thump of drum
A mix of percussion (A random pinch)
Blast of brass, polish to a high gloss
Drop in diva, the larger the better
A sprinkling of holy night, sung in tune
Large bash of organ (organic)
3 French hens, check batteries
Large dollop of choir
As much or as little of randomness as you can tolerate
Stir well adding Sean Quinn’s delusional optimism
Add a dollop of sensuality (Well! this is random)
A touch of Eroticism (More randomism)
A spoonful of desire (Sprinkle randomly and generously)
Pour some cheerful brandy over it, in large seasonal proportions
Place in the oven at level random and bake for 12 days, with a partridge in a pear tree
Check at regular intervals, be nosy, use a needle to prod and make sure plenty of sentimentality sticks to it. If not, leave in oven until ready.
It is recommended that you roast your nuts on an open fire, while waiting for the cake to bake.
Warning-Fan ovens may put out the fire?

Second warning-This cake can only be baked with the permission of the bundesbank, the troika or Angela Merkel. Possibly any two of the three.

JC-Dublin-A city defined by it's cakes

(Caca Milis=Sweet cake)