Saturday, 10 May 2014

When you're older?

As a child I was told so many times “it would be inadvisable, maybe when you’re older’. Maybe not in that precise language but close enough. Often it was just simply “No! while other times it was “No! maybe when you’re older” and so on. The point is, I wasn't allowed to do it and that was that.
These are the phrases I have had to listen to since I was younger, much younger.
I wasn't allowed to cycle into town because it was deemed too dangerous, hence I was too young. I could have a car when I was older, dress as I want, eat the food I want, live where I want, spend my money as I want. All to be conducted when I'm older.

Now that I'm older, it is still inadvisable to eat the food I want, drive the car I want, wear the clothes I like, spend my money as I want and certainly I couldn't cycle into town with the various infirmities I have developed.
Somehow or other there should be a period in between, where I could do as I wanted, but no!, there was and is someone telling me it is inadvisable.
I remember working on a building site in Castleknock in the sixties, fitting duct to carry hot air (Central heating) through the house. I was listen to my small transistor and the best of 60s music, while the sun shone on my blue overalls. I was enjoying this rare summer day when a cloud approached in the shape of the site foreman aggressively telling me to get rid of the radio. "Radio's aren't allowed on this site”, he bellowed using more than one expletive.
I explained to him that as I was the only one on site within hearing distance of my battery operated portable, I didn't see why I couldn't listen while I worked.
He informed me, using more colourful language, that it was inadvisable for me to ignore his instruction as he would inform my boss and I would have to live with the consequences.
Cheekily, I took out my pen and wrote down the direct number to my boss.
He was right, the next morning I was moved to a different site.

When the sun is shining on your blue overalls, the site doesn't really matter and I did listen to my radio in the new location.
Now i am told by doctors, politicians, clergymen and a myriad of other people what i can and can't do. Do i listen and obey? Of course i do, sometimes, well most of the time but there is a little rebel still inside me that like to break the rules and challenge culture and practice now and again.-want to join me?

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