Friday, 11 July 2014

Is it a 'SIN' to be happy

A question worth asking in these changing times, when all information about us is available to google. What is'Happy', its not delirious or ecstatic, its just simply that, happy, the opposite to un-happy or miserable. It is also fair to say that no man woman or child and by implication animal or rock, can be happy all the time. Just trying to think what a happy rock looks or sounds like.
There is no such thing as perfection, just the constant search for it, something we strive for. The same can be said for happiness, true, total happiness.
Yet we often feel happy and the question i ask is can this state of happiness 'BE A SIN'. You will probably say 'No' and you may be quite right but how can you be so sure? what is sin? Another of life's questions.
First of all we have to ask ourselves what makes us happy?
Is it seeing others miserable or making a buck at someone else's expense by pulling the wool over their eyes?
Ken Dodd, the British comedian had a song that went to the top of the charts, titled 'Happiness' and yet! he was too miserable to pay his taxes, was that a sin?
Sunflowers are by nature happy. their big round face exuding smiles, joy, fun etc leading the implication of a happy plant. they come in many colours and sizes. I love the giant one about seven feet high and probably bigger in hotter climes. I cant imagine this plant being  a sinner but how can you tell. Sinners come in all sizes and class, big and small, some of them are even in-between. How many people have we trusted only to be disappointed by their dishonesty. Politicians, business people, public officials, relations and even super-stars who show themselves to be ordinary people. How shameful and sinful.
How many of the new successful politicians who have replaced others on the basis of their mis-deed, will be found wanting before the next election?
'WAR' is another area worth considering terms of 'SIN'. Is war a sin, is participating in was a sin, is killing in general a sin. Talking of general, often we see pictures of these guys in movies or press conference after a battle justifying their actions. How many people believe them. Politicians are the same, justifying war as the solution to some in-equality when in fact it is usually about resources, oil, gas, metals etc.
There is a theory that the good done by war should be far greater then the bad, that can never happen with nuclear war as this leads to total wipe-out and no opportunity for lasting good. It is also hard to see where good comes from in wars past, only justification for actions with some wealth for the victors and poverty for the losers.
At present we see the Palestinians and isrealeays killing each other and every man woman and child knows this will not end happy for one side or the other. It will eventually need compromise from both side possibly monitored by other countries. If there is 'SIN' it is the lack of ability to sit down and listen to each other and care for their fellow man.
Of course if countries did this, there would be no need for armies, arms manufacture possibly some government ministries. There would then be a need to share resources equally and evenly according to need. Cold countries would need more fuel for heat, hot countries would need more water to drink while barren countries would need more food to live.Countries with sea water around them would need to share the spoils at reasonable prices. Possibly we would see science devising way to make us all self sufficient rather then shipping foodstuffs, cattle, vegs, fruit across the world wasting the fuels needed for heat in the cold countries.
But then! if there is no sin maybe the way the world is can be seen as ok?

JC-Dublin-A city defined by its joy in 'SINFULNESS'