Monday, 17 March 2014

A road well travelled?

One day i was lost in thought and a little tired. I went down the road that is my mind, not looking for anything in particular, no destination intended. I travelled on my dreams, which could just as easily have been my nightmares, cheap and environmentally friendly transport. I saw this road, less travelled, not a soul in sight. The sun was shining, temperature just right and the corn was blowing gently in the breeze, which i never noticed, the breeze not the corn. Life seemed very idyllic with green rolling hills in the distance. An urge came over me to start singing 'The yellow brick road' but i resisted knowing that my singing voice could very easily bring this trip to an end. Having said that, isn't everything possible in dreams, though i could have made it someone else's nightmare. Things improved even further when a rainbow appeared in the sky overhead finishing somewhere behind the hills or are they mountains.
I could of course have danced and skipped to the tune whistling or humming, though that would be no better. Mind you, with nobody around i could do anything i wanted. I'm not sure I can trust my imagination or my dreams as i suspect a bunch of flowers all along the road would turn or grow very quickly into people. Those who know good music and would laugh at my feeble attempts.
This fear, i should mention goes back to the nuns when i was in, what is now called little school. The teacher threw me out of choir class making me stand in the corridor because i couldn't sing. Sister consalvo (I think that was her name) the head nun, saw me, presumed i had done something wrong to be left in the corridor, brought me to the head office and gave me six of the best with a leather. I was somewhere between five and seven years of age. The nightmare is creeping in, "Get out".
I'm looking at the rainbow, dreaming within my dream, about the pot of gold at its end. In the past, as a child, i tried finding the end of numerous rainbows to no avail. Do they exist, probably not but in a dream or a dream within a dream, anything is possible and maybe i can find it. There is a question here, does gold found in a dream still hold its substance when reality enters you're my life again. This question never bothered me on the journey, only since i started writing, so onwards and up towards the rainbow.
The sun was delightful, caressing my skin in a comforting way that engenders happiness and makes the world so optimistic. On my own, in my own free world, i move along seamlessly, no need for bus car or plane. The pot of gold so far away but i must be getting closer. The leprechauns who i am reliably informed, own this pot of treasure may not be pleased if i find it. A picture jumps into my mind of Jimmy O'Dea in Darby O'Gill and the Little People, a film from the fifties which i still watch occasionally. They were cantankerous leprechauns using all their wiles to protect what they had.
Anyway, this is my dream and in here, on this journey, i can deal with anything, even  cantankerous leprechauns.
"Heigh ho! Heigh ho! oops stop that, someone might hear you/me". I am so happy on this road taken that i will even drop my guard for a few seconds and let some bent notes leave my inner air tubes.
I look around and see nothing but beautiful lush meadows, fields of corn, sunflowers have appeared along the path and seem to be dancing to the music in my head. They are a flower that always seems to be happy, smiling, dancing and pass this demeanour selfishly on to people.

JC-Dublin-A City known for the road it travels?