Friday, 26 April 2013

Time and place

Everything and everybody belongs, to what, where or who, I'm not sure? Everyone and everything has a place in the great scheme of things but finding this place is the great conundrum.                                   Something’s belong in the gutter to paraphrase Wilde, others in the heavens, which could be construed as saying some people are rats and others spacers, but we will move on.  Fish belong in the sea but sometimes they are best as the substantive part of a one and one, with salt and vinegar.
Snails and slugs have a position in life and my garden, eating flowers, veggies, but sometimes under
my foot if I catch them. Though the French have a different use for them.
Believe me, all life and inanimate objects have a place, whether they be, bin, pen, needle, poker,
bottle, cardboard, butterfly, bee, all contribute to life as we know it. We may have other wishes for
them but that’s another days writing
Something’s, as well as people have their time, just like their place. Drums, microphones, radio’s
dresses, blue suede shoes, 45s, teddy boys, cure heads, beatniks, all have a place in time.
Other people are ahead of their time or who’s time hasn't yet arrived, like forward thinkers,
innovators, dreamers, prophesiers, students and those who will make tomorrow what it will be.
The discoverers of cures for cancers, Alzheimer’s, new energy sources, the planters of greenery in
the Sahara desert, suppliers of water to barren parts of the world.
There is one exception, memory which has a place in the past but also has place in the  now.                                                                       and;
The most important of all, he or she, who invents a case you can bring on Ryanair.

JC-Dublin a city defined by it's sense of place.