Saturday, 11 May 2013

Your Inner Guidance Is Real and Trustworthy

‘The answers to all our problems are within’ is a philosophy I believe very strongly. We need to look inward and have faith in ourselves, the ability of the human brain in particular (along with our feelings, senses and knowledge). We need to trust ourselves, use our instinct, it will guide us. Life is about a journey without knowing the destination. The constant search for answers is very human and what makes life worthwhile. Unfortunately we are encouraged to look for guidance and answers from external sources rather than within.
Reality tells us, if we have a problem, it is only us, me, you, who can solve it. We can certainly use other means or people to guide and advise us but they cannot do magic, it is only you or me who can create our own magic.
One of the primary tenets of ‘Design thinking’ is; “if you ask the right question you will get the right answer-if the answer is wrong, the question was wrong, so go back and ask the question again”. Always go back to the beginning and don’t be afraid, it is a fruitful journey.
Starting on the journey to find the answer will often necessitate you/me going back to the beginning, no matter where we are on the journey. We may have only taken the first step or be close to the finish when we realise the answer is not what we need. We should not be afraid to go back and change or alter the question.
This takes trust, confidence and faith in oneself, along with bravery-it can be a lonely but fruitful trip.
Life’s journey is like writing a poem or story except you may not return to the beginning with your writings, you may alter these along the way, not so with life.
Life is much more fundamental and needs clearer and deeper answers to very searching questions.
The human mind is a very deep place, one we will never understand in our lifetime but it needs to be used, challenged and pushed as far as we can. It is only through this we can fully find its possibilities and enable it to give us real answers to the real questions.
Often we will hear people profess the power of Tai-Chi or Yoga, maybe the aroma of candles and they are probably right. If so, only in that these are tools that bring us into that unknown space in our mind, our inner psyche where all the answers lie, waiting for your/my visit.
These answers are within!