Sunday, 20 January 2013


Legs are often forgotten in terms of the big picture. Rarely given the respect they rightly deserve. They are just left, hanging, useless. Yet! where would we be without them, probably bumming around.
Spike Milligan the celebrated author, comedian and inventor of the Goons, was the first to draw attention to the dilemma suffered by these appendages and I do mean draw.
In 'Puckoon' his iconic book about rural Ireland in the sixties, 'Milligan' the main character calls on the author to look again at the legs he wrote for him, scrawny, spindly, not up to the job. He then calls on the author to write him a better pair of legs.

There's another point, legs come in pairs, not the Rocha or the Conference type, no! the type that accompany each other everywhere. They need to be independent, able to depend on each other, to move in sequence. The type that can be called upon to dance, run, hop and support, no matter what one or the other is called on to accomplish.
It’s not always about legs sometimes about food as we are told in the cartoon 'PEARLS BEFORE SWINE' where the main character claims the cartoonist can't draw food with follow on consequences. I may return to the issue of food in the future but beware of the power of the writer/painter.

The book. 'Puckoon' doesn't tell us whether the author paid any attention to Milligan’s demand, but I know where he's coming from.
Badly drawn legs can be cumbersome, unwieldy, uncontrollable particularly if you are a character in a book (Who knows, we may all be).
If the author doesn't pay due attention to the legs of his/her characters, they can be placed in situations where there is onerous demands on their ability, a mis-match.
How can scrawny legs climb a mountain, break a four minute mile, even chase a bus, legs need to be suitable and remember authors can adapt, but legs can't.
If the scrawny legs are drawn by L.S. Lowry the celebrated painter, then it is different, scrawny legs fit in. Matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs, scrawny legs suitable.
Just think of cats and dogs and how they depend on the write (Right) legs, more than humans.
If a dog needs to use a lamppost how can he cock one if it won’t support his body. Without the support of his leg he couldn't use the lamppost with his bum on the ground, how cruel to dogs.
Cats need to climb walls, open doors (They can) move fast, they depend very much on the right legs. Just think of a cat bumming along, unthinkable.
Of course as a male I can't dismiss female pegs (Legs) and how important they are for my enjoyment of the outdoor environment.
Good female legs go all the way to heaven with much promise of happiness and joy. This type of leg is usually at its best during the summer when the sun is shining. They have an inherent beauty that can only be fully appreciated by the male of the species. Unlike the legs on a racehorse they can sooth the eyes of the most stressed male and need to be given special attention when being written or drawn.
Legs are important, no essential, for the functioning of mankind not to mention cat and dog kind.

J.C. Dublin-A City defined by it's legs.