Saturday, 5 January 2013

Who sweeps the confessional?

It should be a major consideration for catholics or for that matter, anyone who confesses, no matter what religion, as to what happens to their sins after they are confessed.
One could foolishly presume that once confessed, that's it. Is it really? (See my piece on thoughts further down in this blog-'Thoughts of a blank mind' 14/11/2011)

Where do sins go, like, who cleans them up after confession. I know they are cleaned up as there is never any on the ground after confession, I know, I've looked. Has Dyson devised a special unit,vacuum for sins and can it cope with mortalers as well as venials, equally.

There has to be a lot of work in it, particularly around communion time when possibly up to a hundred children in one school can drop their mind boggling sins.
I accept these sins can be small but there is still a lot.

How big are 100 small sins, presuming they all drop only one, add that to possibly half the parents with slightly bigger ones and the odd major one, see what I mean?
I personally stay away because I dont like stepping on others peoples sins, though i wouldn't mind a quick read, curiosity, is that a sin?

If i slip on sins, can I claim on someone's insurance, is there slippery sin insurance, sin-gular cover. If not, why not.

Is this type of accident covered under health and safety legislation, if so, who do you report them to?

Personally I would like to see a sin box, where you write your sins down and place them in the box. It can then print out your penance appropriate to the sin.
To be clear, the reason I want to see one of these boxes is there is a chance I could read them, should they have phone numbers and name, that could be fun. (To be honest, i'd like to see sins go viral)

Could our local council charge for the disposal of these through a sin tax, worth looking at. The tax would have to relate to the size and gravity of the 'Sin'. would politicians be exempt or would their sins be hard to quantify?

It would be fair to presume in these post-'Celtic tiger' era that a lot of sins are starting to surface and we need something new to save the Irish economy, and by attachment, the German, French and Dutch economies as well. I wouldn't like to be responsible for forcing France into taxing its citizens into becoming Russian citizens, though I've nothing against those nice russian people. Particularly as they read my blogs.

Its an important question, as sins can be very sensitive issues. Imagine if you confessed murder on the basis of confidentially and someone found it stuck in a corner of the confession box, you could be in trouble.

Authors thought;-is this where the red-tops get some of their news, scandsls.
Aside/Joke; Are sandals the shoes of scandals?
Second authors thought-Can we trust the people who clean up the sins?

Back to seriouseness, if we can worry about tapping mobiles why shouldn't we worry about stray or stolen sins.

Lets be honest here, if sins can condone sinners straying whats to say they won't stray themselves. Errant sins need to be recognised and corraled, controlled. This could be the next big challange faced by the human race, but please, no legislation as this only empowers sinners and crooks more.

Sins have ignored all effort to control them, science has failed to find a solution to this evil. Sins have been around longer than heart diesese (Adam the first sinner or was it one of the fish. Could fish eat apples in those days?) and yet science is making better progress with heart disease than with sins, in fact they are so successful that, givin time, we won't be able to die, surely this leads to a question, why and will sins become stronger?
As we live longer will we be able to commit better and bigger sins?

Just a thought from me, any comments?

PS; I suppose the same questions, or some of them could be asked about where all the deleted e-mail are stored or what happens to them?

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