Friday, 21 December 2012

The End of World Rant.

The world was supposed to end today at 11.15 am or 11.20 am depending on who you listen to.
While the 11.15 makes some sense as most of the world was in the 21st of December 2012 at that time, who would organise the end of the world at 11.20am.
I mean, couldn't they organise 11am or 11.30 or even the 11.15 that it seems someone did. If you were organising something as fatal as the end of the world, surely you wouldn't be worried about a few minutes here or there, would you?
Winter soltice was at day break this morning, the 21st and it was so dark you couldn't see it, certainly not in Ireland. Surely this/these organisers of the doomsday scenario had more sense than to believe that a dark morning was a sign of the end, scary.
It also strikes me, picking a specific time, means differant parts of the world would end at the same time and as a consequence, differant times.
Would this demise creep across the world or would it happen country by country or time zone by time zone?
Could one hop from one disaster area to another, say, if you had a fast plane or were in the pouch of a kangeroo.
Then the astronauts in space, would they be looking down on earth and whoosh! it disappears. Anybody give a thought to the effect on these people who were looking at their families, banks, jobs disappear in a whoosh. A little sureal I'm sure.
Who would send them food in the future, alright if they could grow crops in space but they would need time to develope this skill. How much spare food do they keep up there?
Was it the end of the earth or the world, these questions were never answered?
One way or the other, how would it happen, would the world or the universe disappear little by little or in one splot!
If it disappeared in a splot, would it matter, like, who would care, there'd be no one to give a damn or am i missing something.
Surely whoever organised this would disappear as well, wouldn't they?
How could someone organise such chaos and forget these basic questions or did they realise in time and go back to the drawing board?
Can one draw the end of the world, i'm sure somone can/will?
So many questions, so few answers but I'm still alive, what about you?

Authors thought? (1)- When people talk and write about the end of the world, what do they mean. If the world ended, literally, what matter, we wouldn't know anything about it, unless it was slow and we passed away slowly and in pain.
I suspect what people are referring to is the end of the world as in the end of people, the human race as depicted in 'Noah's Ark'.
Do we still see the world surviving and a new race of people, humans, appearing, possibly from outer space. I was going to suggest from the sea but that crowd already had a go at it and here we are, end of the world scenario. I suspect no second chances.
Are we concerned about not being part of this elite group of people and animals.

Authors thought? (2)-A part of the world did disappear, well a part of a day. This was the shortest day of the year but dont tell anyone. These sceptics will start to believe they are right

Feel free to rant back-that is if your world didn't end at 11.20am today?

Dublin-a City defined by it's answers.