Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Sitting in her beloved armchair, steaming coffee in her favourite mug as it rested on her knee.  She looks wantingly through the open patio doors as rain droplets fall gently from the top of her greenhouse, creating music on the metal watering can discarded beneath. She listened to the accompanying though discordant drip, drip, drip vibrating within the larger orchestral piece of wind and clothing as it snapped on the Neighbours line.
The earlier storm had faded and was replaced by a magnificent rainbow that seemed to span the sky, the heavens above, in a way she had never noticed before.

She watched, enthralled as it glowed through the mist that remained cosseting the earth as far as she could see.
Bare trees, bushes, daffodil shoots peering from below the earth, all dripping as if tears of joy were bursting from their hidden eyes at the wondrous sight, natures panoramic illusion.

This was the moment to be alive, she thought, the moment to be enjoyed, cherished, to immerse one’s soul .

Life is good when you live in the ‘now’, tomorrow is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Some say, never found, maybe they just don’t recognise it.

These thought's were running through her mind as she drank coffee and participated in nature’s cinematic interactive experience.
It’s good to be alive, she thought, as she sighed contently, breathing outwards as her breath rose to join with nature in reaching out to caress her rainbow.

Dublin-A city defined by  weather.