Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Creative Dream

A thought enters my mind, screaming

Grows into an idea

Creeps through my imagination

See's a world of potential

No boundaries


The seed germinates

Evolves into shape

Dream becoming reality

Not yet

In this inner search


Possibilities like jumping beans
                                                                           Appear from deep

Going wide
Scarily out of reach

Hard to hold


An exciting journey
Full of fear
A mystery trip, no way to hold on
Tears mixed with smiles
Frown, laugh, cry
Dream implods

 Like a nagging headache struggling to escape

Reach its fulfilment

Hope pushing, pushing hope

Vision gasping for air

Becomes my enemy


 It needs to be captured

Nurtured, shaped, undone, redone

Sculptured, high and then higher

Taken down, stripped

Struggle with this tiger within

Lose, win, lose

Try again






Dublin-A city defined by it's creative juices.