Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How to write all the wrongs of the world?
The simple answer is-Write.
Write about the wrongs and do your little piece to unwrong the wrongs. Of course nobody, writers or otherwise can identify all the wrongs but as you become aware of them, help.
I can think of many wrongs-oppression, bullying, intolerance, bigotry, imposing one's views on others, even for moral reasons, war, bank charges, long queues in hospitals. Judgement is wrong. Depriving the individual of choice, blaming other's for what you have done, unfair charges in financial transactions, not listening to what others have to say, lying, jumping queues, abusing advantage, locking people up without offering a cure, even if their crime is gross, homelessness, ignoring the plight of others, stealing. Lastly, if someone tells you a nasty obout someone else, ignore it, it may be true but it is wrong.
Blaming others as a control tool or just simply using power to dump work on others. I am of no doubt there are many more and they will be made know to me by the day. I will then write about them and do my little bit to help alleviate their suffering.
The first step as a writer is to be aware of your own faults and all good writers will know this, they may be slow to admit but they will know.
All artist s feel pain, just imagine how others feel, it is no less painful because the other person may not be artistic.
Listen and watch, the tools of art-identify the wrongs and let others know how you feel.
Debate, discuss, talk, listen, be aware, open your eyes, then write.
One man's (Womans) joy can be anothers wrong, never judge-Help!

At the end of the day all the wrongs in the world can be righted by listening, tolerance,  non-judgement, added to a little love, understanding and plain old tolerance.

We just need to write about it.

Dublin-A city defined by inclusion