Saturday, 22 October 2011

What gives me Joy?

Painting pictures with words, using a pen and a contributory mind. Sketching, etching, shaping, colouring, shading and dreaming.
I can crawl into a cave full of jewels or save a Damsel in distress, all in the same afternoon. How happy she would be?
I can climb everest with poetry, sail any ocean with prose, powered by an active exploring mind.
Nothing impossible, always challanging, living life to the full.
When i finish this, i could sell some of the jewels from the cave i crawled into and donate the proceeds to solve the problems of our exchequer and later, solve those of Greece as well.
Nothing impossible and i could do this with ease and fun.
With a pen and a contributory mind i would appear on television and advise the leaders of the free world and the rest, if they would listen.
All this with the same pen, mind and within twenty fours hours, i would sleep happy.
Oh Joy!

Dublin-A City defined by Joy-or Marsha or Debbie or?