Monday, 24 October 2011

Happy colour

Yellow is the colour of happy or so it seems, look at all the smilie’s and they are yellow with happy faces. It is also the colour of cowards, could it be that cowards are happy and brave people suicidal?
What does this mean for other colours, are they unhappy. Take black, very dark, depressive, deep and troubled.
Green could be seen as raw, maybe a little naive, with a lot to learn. What colour would green be if you added experience. Could experience have a colour?
Of course red flashes danger, excitement, maybe a step into hell, an adventure on the dark side. Is there a relationship between red and black?
Blue is often a reference to people who are down and not feeling very good, as well as the colour associated with baby boys. It is also associated with the Dublin Gaelic football team, at the moment ‘All Ireland champions’ and Eddie Corcoran’s ‘Blue Suede shoes’.
All very human and emotive, could this point to colours having human characteristics

 We can see colours but can we hear them.
What would yellow sound like, maybe a giggle or could this be affected by the shade of yellow. Say a light yellow having a very effeminate giggle while a deeper yellow having a male deep giggle or guffaw, worth a thought?
Black would of course make menacing sounds, maybe with an echo, suggesting menace at the end of a tunnel or around the corner.
Red would be devilish and enticing, alluring and very open, “Why don’t you come this way my little lovely, Ha! Ha! Ha!
Blue would appear in a dark basement with jazz like sounds, lots of smoke and people trying to climb into the colour yellow, with copious amounts of drink, assorted cigarettes and various other substances.
The other side of this equation is of course, that sounds have a colour rather than colours having a sound.
A guitar player could throw out a compendium of colours along with various shades, depending on his or her skill. Take Rory Gallagher or Gary Moore, what they could do with intensity and speed of their riffs, a rainbow of sound.
Procal Harum’s ‘Whiter shade Of Pale’, with its pure sounds suggests as it’s name states, a lot of white sounds with some blue thrown in as an extra.
The one formally known as Prince and now, again known as Prince, sends out a lot of black and dark red, maybe violet sounds.
Do I need to continue, let me know what you think?

Dublin-a City defined by it's colour