Friday, 28 October 2011

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Her eyes met his, across a field of wheat. The sun beat down from the clear blue sky. She didn't notice the ears of wheat glistening in the field that separated them.
He noticed her, his heart skipped a beat as he saw this creature of desire in the distance.
His hand reached onto the fence, followed by one foot then the other, as he slowly climbed up and over, at all times his eyes focused on hers.
At the far side of the field, mirror-like, she did the same.
Slowly they descended into the field, heads just above the crop, with the sun unknowingly changing the colour of their very pale and freckled faces.
Their eyes were talking, as they moved through the grain, like magnetic limpets, drawn together.
Though they weren't aware of it, to a stranger, this would have looked like a scene from a Hollywood movie, possibly in the sun drenched plains of the American west. In reality, this was the normally  rain drenched plains of the Irish countryside.
A rare day of sunshine had, by coincidence, brought both of them to opposite sides of this field that would, unknowing to them, change their lives.
Slowly they moved closer, as if they were dreaming, disturbing the grain slightly, as if the wheat voluntarily made way for the impending encounter.
Joe slipped slightly as his foot entered a small hole in the ground but he didn't fall and never lost eye contact.
She never noticed his trip as she seemed to float closer towards him, eyes locked.
Her cotton dress had dragged slightly against the roughness of the fence but she didn't concern herself with this minor detail.
There was the sound of a wood pigeon in the distance, probably complaining about the heat and hoping they will leave some of the grain for him.
He need not have worried, grain was the last thing on their mind as they rushed closer and closer together. Her dress had torn but was the furthest thing from her mind at this moment. Her eye's were fixed on him and his on her. The distance between them shrunk as they ran at ever increasing speeds, hands outstreched. As they made contact, she placed her arms around his neck, his moved quickly around her hip and grabbed he back pulling her close. suddenly they became one as their lips me, he swollowing hers and she swollowing his. They kissed passionatly as they slumped to the ground, disappearing from the sight of the wood pigeon and showing no sign of needing air. they explored every pore in each other until they felt exhauted but satisfied.
There was a long pause as they lay side by side, holding hands and staring at the clear sky.
Fuck it! she cried, " I'm burned all over". He laughed "So am I, but I love you not matter what colour you are.
"Me too" she replied as they both leaned over and kissed gently. They then leaned back and slowly fell asleep.
Both woke at the same time as the rain soaked their skin and left them feeling cold. "What time is it" she asked, "I'm not sure, my watch is in the field somewhere and it's not waterproof". She laughed gently as her soaked hair clung to her face, impeding her efforts to find her very wet clothes. "I wouldn't bother putting these on, only it might shock the locals to see the two of us walking in the rain, naked". Both of them laughed at this thought and kissed gently again. "Come on, lets get out of this rain, hope the heating is on, i'm shaking with the cold".
They headed back to the log cabin where the mock log fire was burning fired by natural gas from the nearby gas pipe.
Joe had recently won a position with the drilling company Anglo Oil and was supplied with a log cabin as long as he stayed with them. He had been working now for three weeks and hadn't seen Jenny for that time. She worked for the same company in Dublin and played no small part in him getting the job. She wasn't keen on him being away for so long but it was something he wanted to do. They needed the money if they were to buy the house they liked. The house in Eniskerry had been on sale for over a year and they hadn't enough money saved for a deposit. They didn't worry as the agent told them he would give them a shot at putting in a bid if anyone showed interest. They were convinced no one would in the current times as the banks weren't giving out mortgages too easily.
Jenny headed for the shower to be followed by Joe. They washed each other intimately, slowly. As they rubbed each other with their fresh new towels, Joe whispered sensually "I could eat you, Jenny".
"That could be a problem, for me" she whispered back, "Maybe I should cook something, quickly, before I disappear into your inner self" she laughed.
Joe grabbed her breasts and rubbed them slowly "I don't think I can let you go long enough for that".
She grabbed him jokingly by his enlarged manhood "Maybe you better or I might fry these, now that wouldn't do, would it".
"OK" he said letting go her breasts, "I give in, whats for dinner".
They sat eating  her quickly cooked meal and whispered sweet nothings at each other.
"I'm afraid to ask the next question but here goes. What do you want for dessert" she teased.
"Mmm, I'll have to think about that" he hissed, staring, "what about apple pie and cream. I'll see after that".
"Apple pie it is and we will see after that".

A new day dawned, love was still in the air. Joe stared at her as she lay asleep, angelic looking, lost in her dreams. He hoped he was part of the dream that seemed to place a very contented smile on her face, her blemish free face. He stroked the side of her head, rubbed his finger through her freshly dyed blond hair. She made a sound “Ahaaa” contented, life was perfect, for the moment.

He decided to leave her to the dream that was happiness and go for a walk in the fields surrounding their little abode.
The sun was shining as it should in a perfect romantic setting. He felt elated, as if he was in a Hollywood movie, where happiness lasted for ever. He walk through the fields at one with the birds singing and the rabbits bouncing around, unafraid. the sound of a gentle, yet turbulent river, could be heard in the distance, so he headed that way. the speed of the water was in contrast to the day, it was moving fast and he could see fish on the river bed, through the clear water. He had no idea what the fish were called but felt, in the joy of the moment that he would spend some time trying to educate himself on fish varieties in this river. He also promised himself he would look up the name of the river and inform himself of the many mysteries of this countryside.
He picked up a flat stone and threw it at the water, skimming it, to see how many times it jumped and hopped. He had seen this done in the movies and wanted to see if it was as easy as it seem. It wasn't but he tried a few times and felt the muscles on his arm sore but he was getting the hang of it.


To be continued!

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