Saturday, 16 July 2016

A Cone

It had some age and memories, well it looked old, older than me and that’s saying something.  A pine cone with memories, well why not,? Why presume inanimate objects have no memories. As it lies here in my hand as i walk through Tymon park, i stare at it and how it had aged so in a park with so much fresh greenery and wildlife.
They may have seen early settlers to Ireland as they trudged through our dense forests. The Partholonians may have passed this cone as they reached Tallaght, if they ever did.
There are possibly cone trees blowing in the wind at the moment , not three miles away from where i live, who are related to this aged one?
A question arises in my aged and challenged mind, ‘How old is this cone and how long before they perish?
The answer is twofold-(1) How long is a piece of string
                                     (2)   I don’t know?
Authors note ; I need to research this, find the answer. Mankind could really benefit from knowing the answer to this question.
This cone may know the answer to who killed JR and where the battle of clontarf really took place in 1014. The residents and business people of Clontarf would be happy if it could be confirmed that the battle did indeed take place in their hinterland.
It may have lay along the pathway St Kevin supposedly walked between Kilnamanagh and Glendalough. Would it confirm, if it could talk (come to that in a minute), his saintliness or reveal how he cursed and swore at being born too early for a bus or tram to take him there?
Could it have been in St Stephens Green on Saturday 21st of august 1784 when Mary Fairfield was tortured to death for the murder of wet nurse Mary Funt and later burned as were many others?  As this was done after hanging was banned on the green I presume it was seen as a less barbaric means of paying for your crimes?
The knowledge held by a pine cone could match any encyclopaedia in any library.
Going back to them talking, maybe they can but we can’t hear them-humans are blind and deaf to so much in life. Maybe it’s better if we can’t  and leave the past where it is?

Of course it could be a foreign cone, a refugee, that crossed European borders before Brexit closes up shop. May have been intentionally left here to puzzle me and who knows who else, maybe you?

JC-Dublin-A City that loves it's cones