Sunday, 3 July 2016

Poiesis Stew

I’m sitting alone
At home
Trying to find the words
To write this poem

A glass of wine
Would be divine
Help refine
Each and every line

A pint of Guinness
Just like Kavanagh
Brendan Behan
Flann O’Brien

A mix of vowels
With consonants
Image with simile
Sound with symbols

It could be a Sonnet
A five beat ten syllable line
Maybe I’ll just rhyme
Every second line

It could be an epic
Telling of deeds
Battles won

A limerick would be cool
But, it needs five lines
Would have to be bawdy
Humour attached

Comic verse
To make me laugh
Some intimate sniggers
With loud guffaw’s

My poem could be sad
A tale of woe
A perpetrator glad
With evil intent

A sexual tiger
About to roar
Hidden passions
Under a sensuous cloak

It may be a story of love
Happy or sad
Murder and mayhem
Deep desires

It could be verse for children
Something simple about suds
Stepping on the cat
Or daddy falling into a pond

Evil dreams
Put to pen
A dose of cynicism
Rhythmic coddle

Paradise lost

Rhyming schemes
Poetic form
Sub text

I would be blessed
If I had the recipe
A map of dreams
Mixed with spice

Would be nice

JC-Dublin-A City That Enjoys a Stew