Saturday, 9 June 2012

The mouth of time sucks like a sponge

If we look at the mouth of time as a doorway to the past, a dark vacuum filled by memories, yours and mine, true or imagined, it is indeed a sponge. It will suck your time better than the invention sometimes credited to John Logie Baird, television.  We can spend infinite amounts of time watching American, British and Irish pulp churned out for the masses. Friends, various soaps, reality shows, how to sell your house, how to buy one in a foreign country. In the same way, the past can use up our mind space, imagination and emotions, focusing on this sponge and its contents.

It encourages us to regret lost opportunities, pine for lost friends, family, loved ones, as well as distort our vision to the extent we see greenfields and golden wheat, rather than the sewers of poverty, neglect and the suffering it chooses to hide behind its 'curtains of deception'.
It can offer us opportunities to learn and appreciate what we have today, offering its sponge as a springboard to the future.

It also gives us opportunities to imagine, a vast space of opportunity to dream, fantasise and write in and about a world that no longer exists, except with the writers, our, creative pen.

Our real opportunities lie in ‘The Now’, today, mixed with the learning’s from, what’s stored in the mouth of time. The sponge can be used to wring out and inform opportunities in the 'now' so we can enjoy tomorrow, wherever that is?
Dublin-A City defined by it's focus on 'The Now'