Monday, 4 June 2012

Grandfather Trees?

The concept of Grandfather trees intrigues me. Why I’m not sure but it does provide an opportunity to explore the crazy part of my mind. It implies a paternal structure similar to human families, children, parents and elderly crippled and bearded beings or in this case trees. The idea of a tree with a moustache or beard, in this case, grey or white as their arthritic roots slow their movement.

I have this picture in my mind, of trees in Tymon park, Tallaght, holding tightly onto the branches of younger trees, pleading “Move slower, my roots are stiff, there not as young as they were”.

“Come on, it’s good for you, if you don’t move faster your roots will clog up and you’ll end up immobile in an old trees forest, waiting to be cut down and used in a table or chair, maybe a newspaper. Did you take your pills?

“Pills, pills, pills, nothing but bloody pills, me leaves are falling out with pills. I have pills to stop rot, pills to keep my leaves green, pills for thicker bark, pills to help us hold moisture. It won’t be long until we have pills to stop the droop. Bloody tree doctors, money for nothing, just leave me alone”.

Of course the young saplings will jump on the grandfather tree, who will show them how to support a birds nest in the winter. He will also show them how to spread their branches to support the leaves in summer and look aesthetically pleasing in winter.
How the leave will absorb light and how this is important as food for growth and development.
How they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store carbon in their tissues.

“We are often expected to support snow in winter” he will inform the saplings and show them how to build strength. “A strong tree is a happy tree and beside, snow may be light but when you have to support it 24 hours a day, seven days a week it’s no joke” he informs them.

He will also show them how to create oxygen and absorb moisture when necessary in clammy weather.

“Water is important and we must take whenever or wherever we can find it”, he philosophises'
'It the juice of life' he continues in his grandfatherly tones.

To be continued?

Dublin-A City defined by it's bark.