Saturday, 1 October 2011


We all get into conversations about whether we believe in something or not.

This usually emanates around religion or whether we believe a politician or not.                

This is usually a black or white situation, no grey here.                                                       

There's a god, heaven/hell, the devil etc. we are also convinced that all politicians are 

corrupt, unless of course, we are members of that political party, then it's the other party, 

while ours has all the answers. Non-belief implies non-existence, whether it’s about Adam 

and Eve or  someone  telling the truth or otherwise. We point to the fish crawling from the 

sea or the non-existence of the truth.

I would also question if the world is really round or flat as was claimed in previous

All circles, including the globe/earth have 360 points of equal distance apart. If, as
we are told, the shortest distance between each point is level, meaning flat, surely
this implies the earth is in fact flat?
I’m sure this is all good, but what about thoughts, are they real? I mean, if you think
something, surely that’s real. A dirty thought, that came from nowhere? I don’t think
so. Beautiful thoughts, thoughts of love, memories etc, all real, surely if you think of a
deity, that has to be real, even if it only exists in your head, your head is a real place,

What about leprechauns, ask any farmer, he/she won’t believe in them, yet! will point
you in the direction where they can be found, "you'll find them over there" of course pointing 

in a direction that has no measurement, goes on forever.
There is of course the gold at the end of the rainbow. Surely rainbows exist and there must

be an end to them. If the gold at the end of the rainbow exists, surely the little people who

own the gold must also exist. I come back to the prognosis as put to me by a social worker

recently, if it's in your head, it's real.

Any thoughts on this?

Dublin-A City shaped by its 'thinkers'.