Saturday, 8 October 2016

Imperfect is Perfect enough?

Is there such a thing as perfection, if so, why isn’t it on sale in one of our supermarkets.  The simple answer to this question is ‘Perfection’ doesn’t exist except as an aspiration, dream, hope, or ambition. It has no value in itself but as an aspiration it is ‘Perfect’.
No matter how good something is, it can be improved and will be, in time.
What it does as an aspiration is gives us focus and the dream of doing the impossible.
How often have I written the ultimate perfect story or poem and the next day finding glaring faults that need immediate correction. More times than any self-respecting male should ever admit.
Now imperfection, that’s a different story, a useful tool in many respects.
First-Its there in front of me, smiling like a friend.
Two-It and me have become pals, mates, because we keep coming into touch with each other regularly. I have developed a deep respect for it and its abilities.
Three-It is one of the stepping stones to success.
Four-A great teacher and mentor.
There is of course a road to perfection but unfortunately or maybe fortunately, it has no ending. A road that goes on and on and on to whom knows where.
I have heard a quote ‘When you reach perfection it is time to crawl into bed and die’. A bit stark and  I don’t know where it came from but it tells us that there is nothing in life beyond perfection, so if you achieve it, there is nothing left in life.
I have also heard it said that if you strive for perfection you will achieve excellence but I am not so sure of that as I would treat excellence the same as perfection and it is an aspiration unless you see excellence as the best you can achieve at the moment but then you could say the same about perfection.  The tutor ‘imperfection’ shows us how to change, often, amend, start again, use your mistakes as the beginning of a journey. You can’t take too many journeys in life, if you can fit them in, please do, you’ll reap the benefits.
These journeys from imperfection, along hope, trials, tribulation, frustration, anger, joy and more anger, are the seeds of progress. Progress is not perfection, just a train station along the way.

We need hope in life, dreams, aspirations and some joy, to feed our souls, as humans. The belief that you have perfection starves us of these nutrients.

JC-Dublin-A City full of imperfections. 

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