Saturday, 7 September 2013

Good Weather In Ireland

The weather is good for the time of the year, I’m constantly being told. ‘A bit like June’ a

friend said to me during the week.

Does anyone give any thought as to why we have good weather at this time of the year, I

suspect not?

It is a little known fact that it relates to the activity of the fish on or in the river Liffey,

which runs through the centre of Dublin’s fair City.

It is due to a gathering of trout, both brown and rainbow, Wild Salmon, Icelandic Cod, Eel,

Bass, Flounder, Pollock, Mackerel, Monkfish (Who look after the spiritual needs of our

water friends.) Etc. In a sense, bringing together the different fish cultures of the world. It

is because of this gathering, that Whales, Dolphins, Penguins etc, stay behind in other parts of

this fair isle, where they find we have warm and welcoming waters, in the human sense.

If, as a City we discommode our aquatic friends, we end up with bad weather. Just look at the

pollution due to industrial discharges along this mighty river, how it effects our fishy visitors

and the consequential bad weather, no accident.

This is no co-incidence, as we now see with the downturn in industrial activity along the

river, our weather improves. What a summer we have had this year, a bit late but never the

less, welcome.

Don't mind all that nonsense about climate change and holes in the Ozone Layer,

discommoding our fish stock is a much bigger factor. Anybody as old as myself, there aren't

many, will tell you about the hot summers and cold winters before we started polluting the

main river through our Capital city. You knew where you stood,

Summer and Winter clothes, put away in June and September by mammies the width and

breadth of the country. The Vikings were aware of this and knew they could control the

weather on trips to foreign markets for pillaging and a bit of  rape.

Dublin was a no brainer as far as they were concerned, build a town, keep out the natives

as they would only pollute the river- keep the fish on your side. Some sceptics will claim

that there is little or no fish in the river at this time of the year, not true, this is a very active

time for fish and while some will go abroad, as all Irish nationals do, there are fish with

responsibilities, that stay behind.

Every fisherman knows there is a more plentiful bounty of fish at night in the river Liffey and

it is at this time you will see them at their best. I have watched them at four in the morning,

dancing in a circle or in straight lines. I believe that Riverdance was devised, after Bill

Whelan and Michael Flately were walking along the waterside near Guinness, on their way to

catch an early train from Houston Station. I'm not sure where they were heading, but it was a

momentous moment in Irish Musical history. To see the fish, on their Caudal fins, touching

their pectorals, in movement that has to have been the precursor to the traditional Irish

dancing steps. Remember, our ancestors were let out of the sea, in very warm climes, many

centuries ago. We grew into monkeys and eventually man, only because our fish friends were

in good humour, no pollution, no shopping trolleys in the water, no traffic cones or cardboard

boxes from your cornflakes. Look at the good weather, where we rose from the sea and

eventually crossed Europe and other continents.

We love good weather, particularly in the summer and can tolerate some necessary bad

weather, supplying water needed for the crops, with a bit left over to drinking.

The fish did send us a warning many years ago and some people and animals were saved on a

ship, owned by Noah, but we have ignored this and other warnings since then.

Beware of the fish?

JC-Dublin-A City defined by it's fishiness