Friday, 17 February 2012


Dreams are precious because they provide relief and the answers to life’s problems. Close your eyes and let yourself sink into a world of open minds and positive outcomes.
I go to bed tired, unshaven, feeling the world is closing in on me. Slowly I sink into a world of adventure and challenges that I somehow manage to overcome. Why can I overcome these challenges in my dreams but baulk at the smaller challenges in real life.  A challenge is a challenge whether in life or dreams.
Of course dreams bring me to places I wouldn't normally go, my fears would dictate a no go area.

When I was younger a lot of the adventures were sexual by nature and fact. I dreamt I was a creature of desire to all women and their resistance melted in my persuasive hands. These dreams have long since disappeared, at least I think they have as I don’t remember having them recently. I figure if I did have them, they’d probably kill me in my delusions.
Now! I dream of winning the lotto, travelling the world first class, meeting world leaders and inventing means to solve all problems, still delusional.
I figure dreams are very considerate and embracing in that they never present me with  a challenge my delusions can’t cope with. The type of dreams I have these days, are the type of things rich old people do, except my dreams conveniently disguise my age, sore knees, bad back, and other age related outcomes, in a haze of youthfulness, muscular frame and a quick thinking brain. Where my Zimmer frame is replaced by a first class cabin, in a private jet, zooming to one or more exotic holiday spots.
Wisdom often crops up in my conversations with world leaders. Bono will wave at me as I walk up or down Grafton Street. I'm often invited into the white house for tea or coffee with home-made muffins by Michelle. When I have to leave, Obama can be so disappointed.
When I wake up, there’s frost on the car, it’s dark and my dreams are replaced by reality and a cold floor.
Of course I often convince myself that my dreams are my reality and my reality is my dreams. The frost is the dream and the adventures are real?

After all-They are my dreams and my life.

Dublin-a city defined by it's dreams.