Monday, 14 November 2011

Thoughts of a blank mind

There’s nothing in my head, oh the peacefulness of open spaces, a totally empty space.

Wait! A thought, where did that come from, out of thin air, from nowhere. No! It entered nowhere, my totally empty space, what an intrusion. Maybe the air isn’t so thin, it must have some body to support a thought, no matter how deep or shallow it is.
I can feel this thought unravel like a loosely knit Jumper, my mind is now full of loosely knit threads.

Another thought has just entered my empty space or is this one of the treads, ‘how many words in a thought’, at least sixty I would presume, maybe more. Another thought, thoughts are not words, we just use words to explain thoughts, loose or otherwise.
Would that be a big thought, possibly not as I can sense more words unraveling, this could be even bigger. I need to catch them, but how? Is there a big mesh somewhere for catching loose words as they escape the clutches of irresponsible thoughts, flying around like butterflies? It is a bit careless of thoughts to allow random words  escape and run wild in a mind expecting to be empty. Where can an empty mind complain, when infected by irresponsible and uninvited thoughts?
What can an empty mind do, it has no power of influence or capacity to repel invaders, particularly if they are sneaky and disrespectful thoughts or worse still, random thoughts.
Minds need rest, just like bodies but even at night thoughts get in dressed as dreams or when they are really ugly, nightmares.
I have heard rumours of blank minds that have been invaded by nightmares, wait for it, during the daytime, un-thinkable.
Some minds have been invaded by dreams during the day, with dire consequences.  Imagine people buying shares in banks, to buy dreams of a life of affluence. We have seen the dire outcome of these sneaky dreams. People paying huge sums of money for small parcels of land to buy dreams and even worse, banks lending them billions of other people’s money, so as the bankers can satisfy the dream that sneaked up on them.
Another thought, what is the relationship between thoughts and dreams, or nightmares for that matter? Do nightmares sire other nightmares?
It’s a scary world a blank mind has to live in, unable to do anything, even garner its own thoughts.
Older blank minds have it even tougher. You would imagine or at least think, that thoughts would have some respect for older blank minds, I mean, where’s the challenge in invading an old tired blank space. Of course it could just be  the attraction of blank spaces and  I suspect, thoughts are capitalists in their demeanour and will let nothing stand in their way when it come to filling blank spaces. What we need are some social capitalist’s thoughts but that is for another day.
No! wild thoughts are thrown in, with wild abandon and no thought given, on their part, for the consequences. I personally suffer because of these reckless thoughts. My sore knees, sore back, in fact my sore everything, is a consequence of my weakness and lack of concentration leading to moments of unguarded blank mind.
A foreign type of dream seem to creep in and I think I am sixteen again, a superman with no bounds. This is what thoughts do to you, I run as fast as I can, believing I’m a highly trained teenager, of course without the training. I lift weights beyond the norm of those not seduced by these Saxon dreams. In fact, these dreams turn me into a delusional superman, whose six pack isn’t covered by layers of insulation. The worst dreams encourage me to write poetry and dance ballet as if a tu-tu would even fit.
I have on occasions created minor emergencies in my home city by attempting to sing opera, even though I can’t understand the story. Carmen, Aida, the Magic Flute, Cosi Fan Tutti among others. This is ok in the bath or shower among family and friends but I have been encouraged to sing these pieces of opera in the strangest places. Saint Marks Square in Venice, outside Covent Garden, London, on the 77 bus from Tallaght, even the red Luas, very embarrassing. But do thoughts care,
I suspect not.

Dublin-a City defined by its thinking.